10 Teething Tips And Tricks

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Motherhood is both a delightful as well as a challenging experience. The most difficult aspect of this phase of life is seeing your toddler in pain during the teething process. Although teething pain is inevitable, here are a few tips and tricks that can make teething a more comfortable experience for your baby and you.

1. Ease The Pain With Teething Toys – Sore gums are the most annoying symptom of teething and a little pressure on the gums can be extremely helpful. Invest in some teething toys that your baby can chew on to ease the pain, without any danger of choking. Your baby will love these toys and so will you! Here are a few teething toys you could consider: 

2. Feed The Baby Some Frozen Fruit – Frozen fruits offer a cooling effect that helps to soothe the sore and swollen gums. Make sure that the fruit is not too hard for the baby to chew. The fruit will keep the baby distracted while the ice works its magic. 

3. Make A Teether With A Washcloth – A washcloth dipped in fruit juice can work as a replacement for teething toys. Chewing on the washcloth applies a constant pressure on the gums. This is a handy trick for when you are traveling and forget to pack the teething toys. 

4. Use Drool Bibs To Stay Drool Free – Another side effect of teething is excessive drooling, and the drool gets everywhere! The baby will get more irritable when he or she is covered in drool. Avoid such circumstances by opting for a drool bib that will keep the wetness at bay!

5. Rub The Gums With Your Fingers – Nothing can beat a mother’s touch and your baby will love to nibble on your fingers to relax the gums. Gently rub the gums with your fingers to provide instant relief to your bundle of joy; these are the precious moments of motherhood! 

6. Keep The Baby Clean – While Bandana Bibs help the baby to stay dry and stylish, you will still need to pay some attention to oral hygiene. Use a damp cloth to wipe the mouth and to remove any deposits from the gums. Once the teeth appear, you can use a soft toothbrush as well. 

7. Try To Stick To The Sleep Routine – It is commonly observed that babies start waking up in the middle of the night when they are teething. Try not to let this disrupt the normal sleep routine of your baby. If you will constantly rush to their side, babies will get used to waking up at night. 

8. Switch To Cold Foods – Babies may suffer from a lack of appetite due to the pain of teething. If your baby is fussing about food then try some cold alternatives like yogurt. Soft and cold foods are easier to swallow and offer some relief from the teething pain too! 

9. Be Wary Of Choking Hazards – Once the babies develop their teeth, they may start chewing off small bits from their pacifiers and toys. Constantly monitor the toys for bite marks to make sure that your baby does not ingest harmful substances like plastics, which may also cause choking. 

10. Seek Professional Advice – Although a mother’s intuition knows what is best for the baby, but if your child is suffering too much then seeking advice from a doctor might be a good idea. This will confirm that the symptoms are related to teething and will eliminate the doubt that your baby is battling anything more serious. 

With the availability of specially designed teething toys and bandana bibs, the process of teething has become significantly less traumatic for the baby and the mother. These simple tricks can work wonders in making the baby sail through the days of teething. They will make your journey of motherhood even more enjoyable.

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